Research Department of Museums Malaysia

Research is one of the core services of the Department of Museums Malaysia (Jabatan Muzium Malaysia - JMM) playing a crucial role in achieving the JMM's objective to preserve, conserve and disseminate knowledge about the nation's heritage.

The research conducted at JMM encompasses historical, cultural, natural aspects, as well as exhibitions and collections.

The Research and Documentation Division has the role of strengthening and developing the field of research, documentation and publishing in order to dignify JMM's function as an institution for the dissemination of knowledge in the field of exhibitions, collections, history, culture and nature of the country. There are 3 main units under the Research and Documentation Division namely :-


Research Unit

The Research Unit plays a crucial role in the strategic planning of research at the Department of Museums Malaysia (JMM). This includes drafting, planning, preparing, developing, coordinating, and evaluating JMM's strategic research initiatives.

It also coordinates the planning and execution of JMM's research activities to ensure a systematic research process and the production of high-quality research outcomes. Furthermore, the unit oversees and monitors research conducted by both internal and external researchers.


Publishing Unit

The Publishing Unit is responsible for coordinating all general and special publication matters for the Department of Museums Malaysia (JMM). This includes overseeing the publication of studies, research findings, articles, and works by both JMM staff and external contributors, ensuring these materials are accessible to the public.

The unit also ensures that every publication complies with established publication policies and guidelines.


Documentation Unit

The Documentation Unit is tasked with the collection, organization, management, and storage of data, information, and materials across various formats and platforms.

This comprehensive process facilitates easy access for reference, record-keeping, and supporting final outputs such as publications, reports, and other documents.

  • Internal Research and Collaboration

    This initiative involves research conducted internally by the staff of the Department of Museums Malaysia (JMM). Additionally, collaboration with external government institutions and agencies is actively encouraged to enrich the research scope and impact.

  • Overseas Research

    Overseas researchers are required to obtain approval from the Economic Planning Unit of the Ministry of Economy prior to commencing their research. For more information, interested parties should refer to the official guidelines provided by the Ministry of Economy.

  • Individual Research

    Students, as well as individuals affiliated with institutions or government agencies, are welcome to apply for research opportunities at the Department of Museums Malaysia (JMM). This initiative supports a broad spectrum of scholarly work and aims to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To begin your application for research, the first step is to register an account via the Application and Research Management System (MUSRA). Please click this link to register.

The Department of Museums Malaysia offers three distinct types of research applications:

  1. 1. Internal Research
  2. 2. Individual Research
  3. 3. Overseas Research

You must obtain approval from the Ministry of Economy before submitting a research application to the Department of Museums Malaysia. Please follow the ministry’s application procedures provided at this link.

Please follow the ministry’s application procedures provided at this link.


A research report/thesis in PDF form must be uploaded to the system as stated in the research application requirements.

After receiving all required documents, we will process domestic applications within 7 working days and international applications within 14 working days.